About This Site

Who or what is a “Krellmusician”?  And why does this site exist?

For the answer to “who”, please go to my home page.

As to “what”, please see the background information on Forbidden Planet.

And “why”?  The reason for the existence of this site is twofold:

— I wanted a place where I could
  • write about and discuss my musical interests,
  • display planned/in-progress/completed construction projects,
  • make available musical sketches and compositions,
  • display pictures and sound samples of the fruits of years of G.A.S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), and
  • provide information about equipment and techniques of interest to wind players who might want to go electric.

— I needed an excuse to

  • pull out all the equipment resulting from those years of G.A.S.,
  • test each device with my horns and other instruments,
  • record samples of their sounds for reference purposes, and
  • determine if I’m ultimately going to use a given device or put it up for sale.

So you get the benefits of my heretofore nearly insatiable desire for new, different and weird instruments and effects, and I get the benefits of finally determining what is and will be useful to me going forward.  Plus I have a showcase for any music made using old and new technology.

The pages describing any piece of equipment will be in the form of a blog, with a comment field for you to provide input, corrections, suggestions and the like.  I want this to evolve into an open forum on old and new technology, on ambient music, on looping music, on wind synthesis, on improvisation and on any other topic that arises from the confluence of those streams.

Please bear with me as I gradually populate these pages.  I’ll try to offer something new every day or so (as time and the day job permit), so check back often.