Wind Synthesizers

For wind players who want to be synth players, sometimes pitch-to-CV and/or pitch-to-MIDI converters are not enough, and only a dedicated wind synthesizer will do.  Some have built-in synthesis engines, some are remotely connected to dedicated synthesizer circuitry, and some are pure MIDI controllers for use with software and/or hardware synths.

These pages describe one particular family of wind synths, those that trace their lineage back to a trumpeter and engineer named Nyle Steiner.

This page describes a wind synth produced by Yamaha as an entry-level instrument targeted at young players, though some reviewers/musicians compare it somewhat favorably with the contemporaneously released WX11/WT11 combo.

There is also a page describing a wind synth that is slightly more than a toy and slightly less than a professional instrument, but still usable and fun.