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The software that provides the content of this site was originally intended to support blogging. It’s taking longer than I anticipated to add some of the technical content I plan to offer (gear reviews, sound samples and the like), and since the average Web surfer will stop coming to a site that stops offering new content, the onus is on me to give the curious visitor something to read or hear or think about (something more than just additions to my ever-growing list of musical influences, that is).

Ergo, it’s time to start blogging!

I’ve set up several categories into which posts in this section of the site will fall; in all likelihood I’ll add more as the need arises or as the mood strikes me. The current set of categories is as follows:

  • Bucket List

These entries will describe music you must listen to or books/articles you must read before you “kick the bucket.”  (IMHO, of course — YMMV)

  • Guilty Pleasures

These entries will discuss musical genres, albums, songs, groups and the like that may not necessarily represent “influences” per se, but that nonetheless find their way onto my personal playlists.

  • Recommended Listening

These entries will cover music that I’m currently listening to and that I really like.

  • Recommended Reading

These entries will deal with books, articles and Web sites that I enjoyed reading and felt were worthy of sharing.

  • Sounds in the Darkness

Ever been listening to the radio in the wee hours of the morning when suddenly a song comes on that you’ve never heard before, a song that makes you stop what you’re doing (even if what you’re doing is trying to go to sleep) and demands your attention, a song that brings up memories you thought you’d buried or feelings you thought you’d outgrown?  Here’s where you’ll find the songs that interrupted my rest over the years.   This is time-traveling music, music that captured a moment of my life and encased it in audio amber, and it generally isn’t toe-tapping finger-snapping frothy pop.  This is music that owns a little piece of my memory and my consciousness.  Here is where I’ll also include music that evokes such feelings in me, even if I didn’t necessarily make its acquaintance in the middle of the night.

  • Zone Music

This is music that conforms somewhat to Brian Eno’s original definition of “ambient” music, that is, music that fills and colors the atmosphere of a space without being obtrusive, and does so at low volumes.  The music I’ll talk about will generally not require turning the knob down to “1″ but you probably won’t want it at “11″ either.  This is music that enables me to concentrate at work, interesting enough to warrant repeated looped plays but not so interesting that it demands my undivided attention.  This is music that gets me “in the zone,” hence the name of the category.

  • There Are No Words

Nothing else can — or need — be said…

I already have candidate entries for each of these categories, and I’ll start populating this section within the next few days.  As with anything on this site, comments and suggestions are warranted and welcomed.