The construction of electronic devices (both from kits and from scratch, working from schematics) and the design of effects devices (mostly ones involving phase-locked loops like the CD4046 CMOS chip) have been hobbies of mine since the early 1970’s.  Rare is the effects pedal that hasn’t been opened up to investigate its workings and to determine suitable modifications; sometimes they even work when I reassemble them!  Some have been gutted and put into different enclosures, either because the original enclosure was a mess or because I wanted to repurpose it.  I will probably devote an article or two to the devices that I took apart and, in retrospect, wish I hadn’t.  But that’s for another time; I have enough on my plate just trying to get this site up and functioning as envisioned.

These pages describe things of a musical nature I have built or am in the process of building.

  • “Ashborg” Bionic Baby Bass
  • The “Uglifier”
  • Craig Anderton Chorus/Delay
  • Electronic Bongos (or a facsimile thereof)
  • Arduino-based circuits and equipment