These pages contain descriptions, photos and sound samples of some of my musical gear.  These pages mostly overlap the “Gear” pages but the navigation is oriented differently, more in line with my “old and new technology” theme.  There may be pages here that cannot be reached via the Gear page; I may or may not correct that.

Selection of a link will lead to another page with more detailed links, each of which leads to another page with still more detailed links, and so on. When you finally reach a page containing information about a particular instrument, effect or device, the page format will be that of a blog, that is, you will be able to provide comments, additional information, corrections and so on. YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO USE THIS. As I said on the home page, I want this to become an active and interactive source of information and discussion. None of us has all the answers or all the experience with a particular piece of equipment, but we can all share what each of us knows to the benefit of all.

Having said that, happy clicking!