Newer Tech

Having set the bar for “vintage” tech as the origin of MIDI, I hestitate to call everything more recent than that “new,” so I’ll introduce an intermediate category.  ”Newer” technology is essentially anything (MIDI-equipped or not) that became available in the last two decades of the Twentieth Century.

  • Akai EWI3000/3000m
  • Breakaway Vocalizer 1000
  • Casio CZ101
  • Casio DH100
  • Casio MT30
  • Casio RZ1
  • Casio VL-1
  • Casio CZ101
  • IVL Pitchrider
  • Korg X-911
  • Roland CP40
  • Suzuki Omnichord/Q-Chord
  • Yamaha MR-10